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Welcome to Gigibeans, creator of Cuddle Sprouts.

Cuddle Sprouts look, feel, and smell like real babies. Each sprout takes between 25 to 40 hours to create, starting with a blank vinyl sculpture. We use only the finest products to bring them to life — oil-based paints applied in 11 layers, heat set, and cooled between each layer; soft doe suede body; mohair for hair and lashes, which is micro rooted with a fine felting needle; and micro glass beads for weighting the head and bottom for the feel of a real baby. In the final stages of the process, a baby powder wafer is folded into the fiber fill of the body for that freshly-bathed baby smell. Most finished sprouts will bebetween 19" to 21" long and 4 to 6 pounds.

Many of Gigibeans' sprouts are being used in Alzheimer's Cuddle Therapy programs providing a sense of purpose, calmness, and memories of early parenthood to those suffering from this disease. Because of the comfort they provide to those in need, this artist describes a sprout as "a labor of art and heart."

Watch a video about Gigibeans being used for Cuddle Therapy at The Lantern at Morning Pointe Alzheimer's Center of Excellence: