Own your own Cuddle Sprout

The total cost of owning a Gigibeans' Cuddle Sprout is $180 plus shipping. The first $90 is due at the time the order is placed. The final payment of $90 + $20 shipping (USPS 2-3 Day Priority) is due when your sprout is finished and ready to come home (allow 4-6 weeks from date of order). Personal check, money order or PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment. Check out the Gigibeans Gallery to see pictures of sprouts that are available to be customized for you or your loved one (hair color of your choice; and eye color, if eyes are open). Keep in mind, the doe-suede bodies are NOT gender specific. A sprout may have a girl name in the Galleries, but be dressed as a boy. The names given in the Galleries are just for identification purposes when placing an order. You may rename your sprout once he/she arrives home. Because sprouts arrive wearing a diaper and an outfit, you will indicate girl or boy on the order form. When you are ready to order or if you have additional questions, go to: requests@gigibeans.com.

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